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Bali Vibes

Swing Macrame

Swing Macrame

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Bring that special touch of beachy charm to your home with the Bali Vibes Swing. Its macrame style makes it the perfect subtle decoration for any room. This swing is just what you need for those days when you want to relax and unwind, letting the boho vibes embrace you and take away all stress. It'll be just like taking a mini-vacation when you swing on this piece, letting all worries drift away on the light breeze. Get creative with your décor and add a piece of coastal bliss with this stunning swing.


Dimensions: Total Hight 175 cm; 

                       Seat Width: 22 cm; Length 60 cm; 

                       Maximum Load 100 kg 

Materials: wood, cotton

Colour: natural, beige

Care: spot clean recommended/ gentle wash by hand 


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