About Us

We are a lifestyle shop inspired by the vibrant island of Bali, with an aim to bring the beautiful Balinese feeling right into your home.

Our collection includes products handmade in Bali, as well as barong mask collections and holiday essentials that will help you have that summertime feeling all year round. Whether you’re looking for holiday essentials or simply a way to bring some Balinese vibes into your home, we have something for everyone!

We believe in giving back to the local communities that make our products, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers know their purchases are making a positive impact. Our mission is to spread the Bali vibes far and wide so that everyone has access to the beauty of this incredible island.

 Our Holiday Essentials collections are crafted with care and contain everything you could possibly need for your trip. We offer products that are:

- Lightweight and packable

- Multi-functional and versatile

- Eco-friendly and sustainable

- Easy to clean and maintain

Here at Bali Vibes, we believe that everyone should have access to amazing holiday products that they can take with them wherever they go, even if it is just around the corner. We want to make sure that you always have a stylish way of exploring all the places your heart desires!

Our collection includes everything from traditional home decor to modern fashion accessories - perfect for making any space pop! We even have unique items made from natural materials, like banana leaves or raffia.

We strive to offer something for every taste and style. That's why our selection consists of:

* Traditional items that feature intricate details and vibrant colours

* Classic pieces with a modern twist, such as breathable clothing with tropical prints

* Unique products made from natural materials like shells and wood

* Handmade decor items with a simple yet elegant look

 At Bali Vibes, we are constantly working on adding new products so that everyone will find their own favourite pieces. Whether you’re searching for something special or just looking to mix up your style - you’ll be sure to find what you need!

We offer a unique collection of organic and sustainable T-shirts. Our T-shirts are perfect for any occasion - from a day at the beach to a night on the town!

So when you wear a Bali Vibes T-shirt, you can rest assured knowing that your clothing is not only stylish but also kind to both the planet and those who made it!

Create an instant holiday vibe in your own living room with our unique handmade shell coasters. Perfect for outdoor dining experiences, these beautiful pieces add a touch of elegance to any home.

Our handmade shell coasters feature a range of shells, sourced from around the world, encased in resin to achieve the perfect texture and finish. Each coaster is unique and intricately crafted by our talented artisans.

Whether you’re a beach lover or simply enjoy adding a touch of nature to your living space, the Bali Vibes Handmade Shell Coasters will bring an element of beauty and uniqueness to your home.

Our flower table mats are crafted from natural rattan materials with intricate detailing that is perfect for any decor style. What’s more, their lightweight and durable properties make them ideal for outdoor use in the garden or by the beach!

So why not hop on board the Bali Vibes express and grab yourself one of our amazing products? With our unique designs, quality materials and amazing customer service, we're confident that you won't be disappointed. Whether you're looking for something special to add to your home décor, or want something to give as a special gift, Bali Vibes has something for everyone. So don't wait around, check out our selections and get your holiday essentials today!